6 receptions for oral vehicles that will reduce him with your mind

In order to achieve success on the basis of oral sex, you need not only desire, but also knowledge of some important techniques.

Technique in sex is not paramount, but, you see, important. In this article we will talk about the basic techniques that will help you drive your man crazy with the help of oral sex.

Do not hide

One of the most common mistakes during oral sex is hiding. For example, under the covers. Your partner will not be interested in such sex. He, closing his eyes, plunges into his fantasies, and you simply turn into a function.

Watch your hair

Agree, hair during sex can look very impressive, but the process itself can interfere: you get in your mouth, and your partner is prevented from enjoying the view of this action.

Do not be silent

Moans, sighs and exclamations of admiration … Such manifestations on your part make your partner understand that you like what you are doing. The man absolutely does not want to think that you are doing him a blowjob solely for the sake of his pleasure.

Change technics

One technique to try to bring a man to orgasm is difficult. His receptors get used to the monotony of touch. Movement needs to be changed, but not too often, so that the received pulses can be summed up.

Watch the speed

Excessive intensity during oral sex or a desire to quickly bring a man to orgasm is not the best solution. In this case, he may think that the process is unpleasant for you and you want it to end as soon as possible. It is important for a man to know that you want him, that he is desirable for you.

Focus on the head

Using any oral technique, do so that the head of the penis always touches something. It can be cheek, tongue or sky. The man on the head are the receptors, which in the process of sex give a signal that the member entered the maximum.

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